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Houston MEP Services & the Architectural Design Process

When beginning the architectural design process, many Houston homeowners, and businesses, focus mainly on the architectural exterior and interior aesthetics when meeting with their architectural designer. However, when considering your whole architectural design, you need to consider the mechanical electrical plumbing architecture (MEP) process as well.

As a Houston design build firm, Oreon Design Group can take your architectural design process from conception to completion handling all the minute details including architectural and structural design, MEP designs, master planning for the entire design process, and working with the construction contractors.

An important detail of any design build architectural project is the mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Otherwise known as MEP in the architectural world. These components are a crucial detail of any design and construction project in Houston and beyond. The detail of including MEP design upfront as an integral part of your initial design process is essential for design decision-making, careful cost-estimation, overall construction planning, and maintaining and sustaining the finished construction project.

Oreon Design Group located in Houston, Texas, has a team of MEP engineers who are solely responsible for planning and design for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. The team also develops policy and procedures documentation on the MEP systems for future maintenance needs and troubleshooting.

In both commercial architecture projects and residential design and builds, an equal concentration on the interior structural design is vital. All those mechanical, electrical and plumbing necessities have to go somewhere as well as be up to building codes, be energy efficient, easy to access, and be sustainable in normal as well as extreme environmental conditions. MEP engineers and civil engineers ensure that these details are considered at the beginning of the overall architectural design process.

Oreon Design Group Houston’s design build team includes mechanical engineers who specialize in, design and oversee HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, plumbing, and can also include configurations for rain gutters. Plumbing MEP designers are often focused on fire protection systems. Electrical MEP engineers take responsibility for the details of the structure’s power systems, fire alarm systems, control systems, and lighting design systems throughout the structure.

Houston-based, Oreon MEP engineers design integrated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, (MEP) solutions as part of the complete architectural design process. These design solutions can range anywhere in simplicity or complexity for office buildings, corporate interiors, academic, or healthcare structures as well as residential design build construction projects and home restoration.

Houston’s Oreon Design Group stands ready to help you with your design build project!

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