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Architectural Designing Solutions - Houston

Architectural designing in Houston is a highly collaborative process that includes architects, architectural designers, architectural engineers, and civil engineers.

Yota Papadopulos, Founder and Principal Designer at Oreon Design Group Houston, says “Oreon Design Group is rooted in creative innovation; offering architectural designing solutions that are original and meet each of our clients’ needs. Everyone on our team places a high value on delivering architectural designs that are environmentally sustainable and unique.”

The Oreon Design team walks with you during every step of the creative architectural design process. The team is hand picked by Yota and includes professionals in both architect, engineering and design fields. The Oreon Design Group-Houston is comprised of talented and experienced architects, artists, architectural designers, architectural engineering professionals and civil engineers, plus innovative craftsmen.

Architecture and design are both essential to bring an appropriate balance to a client’s architectural project.

While architectural engineering takes the lead in structure design with architectural drawings and designers, this discipline is more focused on the design feel and functionality. Combined with the expertise of Oreon’s civil engineers ensures that the structure vision of the architect will be sustainable under normal and extreme conditions, and also provides the best material, alterations, and modification solutions.

A great architectural design also offers a fresh approach, a thorough examination of any unique conditions, balancing all aspects between budget and quality. The Oreon Design Group in Houston brings a sensitivity to each client’s project in regards to context and nature. During the architectural designing process, our team gives equal priority to the structural, artistic, craftsmanship and scientific aspects. A huge part of a great architectural designing process includes identifying needs and requirements then translating the knowledge into architectural designs that are sustainable, responsive solutions.

Working directly with an architectural designer who is also giftedly skilled as an architect is a rare find. Yota is one of those rare architectural professionals who holds a Bachelors of Architecture with a Minor in Construction Administration and Art at the University of Houston. Her well-rounded education combined with experience, and her great team, can address all aspects of commercial and residential architectural projects in Houston.

Oreon Design Group’s team of architectural engineers and civil engineers consult closely with the architect and architectural designer. Communication with each other and the client is a top priority so that we consistently deliver aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and sustainable designs.

Yota and her team at Oreon Design Group in Houston give the same value to every client, no matter the size of the budget, both in commercial and residential structures, inside and out, locally in Houston, nationwide and globally.

Contact Yota directly for a free phone consultation at 832-834-5455 or email her at

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