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Oreon Design Group Design and Build Houston, Tx

About us

Oreon Design Group is a Houston design-build firm collective of experienced architects, artists, designers, thinkers and craftsmen whose work engages pressing contemporary issues and their impact on human experience.


At Oreon Design Group we have placed an emphasis on unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly designs.

We value making our services available to everyone regardless of budget needs. We guarantee the same level of service to all our clients.

Our Process

Oreon Design Group begins every project with a research-based discovery process. This unique method recognizes the direct relationship between deep understanding and creativity. It also fosters clients’ active participation in our design process, making choices as the project develops.


Architecture is a highly collaborative and multi-dimensional endeavor coupled with the increased complexity of our contemporary needs and wants. The strength of a tree equals the depth of its roots. Our architecture is the same.


Oreon Design Groups’ culture and ideology revolve around creative innovation; creating something original and new to meet your needs. Oreon Design Group has placed an emphasis on unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly designs that stand the test of time.

At Oreon Design Group, you are not just leveraging excellent service and expertise, you are acquiring a group of meticulously selected professionals in the architectural and design fields.


Throughout the process we become the clients' consultant, guide and advocate. Our talented team will work with you and will be there throughout the creative process to guarantee that your project is completed to your satisfaction. 

These are the values and philosophy we use when building our team of professionals. At Oreon Design Group LLC., you are not just buying our services, you are also buying the expertise of our hand-picked professional team or architects, designers, consultants and craftsmen.   


Panagiota Papadopulos
Founder l Principal

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Marcel Le Maitre
Technical Designer

Raquel Rodriguez
Senior Project Accountant Manager

Manuel Hernandez
Cristal Cardenas
Director of Business Development

Jacqueline Leal
Receptionist l Office Admin

Thommy Sebastian
Senior Technical Designer

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