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Conceptual Design Group Houston 7 Things to Expect

When you are planning a new build or remodel or an interior build out in the greater Houston area or beyond, whether it is commercial or residential, a valuable part of your team should be a conceptual design group. Oreon Design is one of the top concept design groups in Houston. When researching architecture design process groups, here are seven questions to consider:

  • Does the design group offer a fresh approach?

  • Are the designs functional and unique?

  • Are the designs sensitive to context and nature?

  • Does the designer work with your ideas and surroundings or only what they think is best?

  • Will the design be sustainable?

  • Are the designs environmentally friendly?

  • Are they experts in the complete process from concept to completion?

The answer to all these questions should be a solid, confident yes. An exceptional concept design group will be eager to hear your ideas, plans and dreams for the space you want to create. They should be sensitive to how you plan to use the space, inside and out, not just for now, but into the future.

A concept design group will be experts in the complete architect design process. This includes structural consulting, architecture interiors and MEP engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing). The complete process is highly collaborative and multi-dimensional. Your design partners should be your consultant, guide and advocate, working with you throughout the whole creative process with all parties to ensure your project is completed to your specifications. They should be able to provide oversight of every project phase and be able to interact and relate to all the players in the process relieving you from having to juggle and coordinate all the details and persons involved.

The design group should have an insightful awareness and be able to identify unique conditions, through research and offer a fresh approach to your needs, providing a healthy, safe and comfortable environment.

Overall, a design group, should offer environmentally friendly designs. Designs with an emphasis on the artistic as well as the scientific and craftsmanship. The finished architectural design should stand the test of time, be functional, sustainable and engage all the senses.

At Oreon Design Group, a conceptual design group in Houston, we deliver on all points. We are accountable to our environment, the functional and responsiveness of our surroundings, sensitive to our client needs and requirements. We create architecture and engineering design within our client’s spatial and budgetary needs. We take all that and work with and for you to translate that knowledge into creative architectural design solutions. understanding of various skills for commercial and multifamily as well as residential projects.

With over 30 years of combined professional service, Oreon Design Group is a full-service commercial and residential design group that will deliver your project from design concept to completion. Our highly skilled and talented group of architects, engineers, designers and craftsman also guarantee our results. We even leave you with a written warranty.

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