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Our practice is grounded in the belief that this thoughtful and collaborative approach is necessary for all projects, especially those whose impact and complexity is considerable. Rather than waiting until a project’s design is developed to conduct in-depth planning research, Oreon Design Group obtains this critical knowledge early on: at the beginning of a project’s concept design phase.


By understanding clients’ project goals and strategizing methods to achieve them from the very beginning, the project’s budget and timeline are preserved and respected, and a more compelling building design is conceived to serve as the basis from which the final project grows.


Embedded in our way of working is the search to reduce a project’s energy and material footprint while simultaneously seeking out the exciting synergies made possible by sustainable design. Everyone at Oreon Design Group offers deep knowledge of green solutions.


A primary goal of our multidisciplinary methodology is to bridge the gap between the architect and builder in order to create a unified and cohesive solution and allowing the client to feel secure and be a participant in the decision making. We have found this method best suits our clients' needs and ensures the highest quality project.  

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