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Architecture is a highly collaborative and multi-dimensional endeavor coupled with the increased complexity of our contemporary needs and wants. The strength of a tree equals the depth of its roots. Our architecture is the same. Oreon Design Group derives from three ground principles: what we build is functional and unique, sustainable and engages all senses at the same time. Uniting these three principles often seems an impossible assignment. However, this is the core of Oreon Design Group strength which is Grounded Architecture. Architecture with a strong foundation. With deep roots. Since these bring forth the most wonderful ideas. 'The deeper the roots, the higher the vision.’


A fresh approach to each project, a keen investigation of the unique conditions, a balance between quality and budget, a sensitivity to context and nature are some of the elements of our work ethic. We strive for designs with an equal emphasis on the artistic, scientific and craftsmanship aspect of architecture.


Based in Houston, we are experienced at identifying client needs and program requirements and translating that knowledge into responsive design solutions. Communication is the key: through meetings, telephone conferences – direct client interaction. Our team consistently delivers functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solutions.


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